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Your privilege- my pleasure





By ArchBishop

Uwe Rosenkranz.de

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From ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz:


When being on board of ROSARY Ministries International

And/or All India Independent Christian Diocese.org

You are privileged.

You have the distinctive right to be

Teached well about

Wellbeing and feeling well-

Your privilege is our pleasure.

Wellbeing is a kind of prosperity

That is creating wealth and riches.

Both are positively related to

You’re feeling well, your peacefulness.

The truth is, profit and prosperity create

Wellbeing and feeling well-

From this overflowing pleasure

Anointing oil of joy is flowing.

This blessing salvation is

The privilege and distinctive right

Of ArchBishop ROSARY

To lead the multitudes to righteousness.

And your righteousness is to be

In prosperity and wellbeing.

Pls. decide to sign up at


to get the teaching series.

We provide you with

Dedicated tools and the

Knowledge and wisdom.

Your privilege is to benefit

From this teaching and leading

For your own and your families and ministries

Wellbeing and overcoming of poverty.

Earning while Learning delivers you

With profit and prosperity.

Pls be on board of RMI

And stay with us at



Your welcome!

Uwe Rosenkranz

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