Let the sun shine!

Shine a Little LoveWHEN LOVE SHINES IN •

Carrie E. Breck, 1855–1934 •

Let your light shine before men,

that they may see your good deeds

and praise your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) •

Our emotional soundness and even our physical health

depend on the quality of our love for God.

And as a result, we gain an attitude of love

and concern for our fellowmen.

Negative feelings of hate, anger,

and selfishness can destroy

the well-being of any individual.

So, if You know this and gain efforts

in acting according to Your wisdom,

be sure to share our application

for becoming proper in Body, Mind and Soul.

Don´t hesitate to join in immediatly

to Rev Bishop ROSARY´s website for wellbeeing.

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